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Titles Management System

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The Titles Management System (TMS) is the NSW Government’s fit-for-purpose platform for industry, to support the end-to-end management of exploration and mining titles with increased transparency and accountability. The TMS portal has been rolled out in phases, the first of which was launched in December 2019.

The TMS user dashboard offers a user the ability for real-time multi-stage status tracking of their lodged applications. Users can also pay application and pre-grant fees via a secure payment portal, attach documents post lodgement, view correspondence and receive system notifications. The profile management functionality delivers a collective portfolio view of applications, through company associations (using a bi-level user hierarchy) and affiliations (linking parent companies with subsidiaries) between authorised TMS user accounts.

To ensure industry input into the development of the TMS, NSW Resources continues to undertake a variety of consultation and engagement initiatives. To find out more about these activities visit the TMS Engagement Hub.

Latest TMS functionality

The latest functionality allows users to lodge additional types of applications required by the Mining Act 1992 namely:

  • request approval for a change in control (as per the exploration licence/assessment lease condition)
  • nominate a party for grant of an authority
  • vary an authorisation (as per Schedule 1B)
  • notify a change of technical manager
  • vary a work program
  • apply for appointment of an arbitrator
  • alter colliery records
  • apply for an extension/exemption for reports
  • lodge a significant improvement claim*
  • lodge an agricultural land objection*
  • *Note: The last two dealings will be associated with the “parent” mining lease application and will support internal processes for assessing the application.

Note: Registration of transfer and part transfer must still be lodged via paper form.

The existing functionality built for title applications is now available for lodgement of geoscientific exploration reports instead of via EROL (Exploration Reports Lodgement Online). Key benefits of lodging reports in TMS include; a reduction of systems to manage NSW Resources' transactions, the capability to lodge reports and large files concurrently, (increased limit from 32mb to 1GB), visibility and transparency of reports lodged and assessed, notifications of reporting activity and self-service ability to access previously lodged material.

Accessing TMS

Go to the new Titles Management System.

Future additions to TMS

We look forward to working with industry to identify additional enhancements and improvements. Internally, we will continue to rollout functionality that will support operational efficiencies and improve service delivery.

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Updated templates

The following templates have been updated:

Online versions:

For the fillable version of the Statement of compliance environmental performance and financial history (SOCH) please contact

For other fillable forms go to::

Alternatively, these templates are available at

The links in our applications forms to the new templates will be updated shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience.

For further information

Support using TMS

To assist users to create a TMS account, navigate their way around the system and submit applications, several support tools have been developed.


View the Exploration reporting - Preface (PDF, 126.02 KB)

View the Titles Management System User Guide (PDF, 2.65 MB)

View the TMS Guide - Lodging geological reports, data and requests in TMS (PDF, 3.91 MB)

View the Titles Management System user guide – applicant response (PDF, 405.46 KB)

View the Titles Management System Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 720.02 KB)

View an Information sheet (PDF, 221.2 KB)  (PDF, 221.2 KB)(preface) on applying for an exploration licence, assessment lease or mining lease

View an Information sheet (PDF, 165.47 KB) (preface) on applying to renew an exploration licence, assessment or mining lease

View an Information sheet (PDF, 199.7 KB) (preface) for other dealing types

View the new Technical Manager form - fillable pdf (PDF, 518.73 KB)

Help text is also embedded into the system to assist users to manage their account and lodge applications.

TMS technical support

If you have any technical enquiries concerning the portal (e.g. difficulties uploading an attachment or access issues), please contact us at TMS support.

General application support

If you have any general enquiries concerning the authority application process (e.g. the information required to support an application), please contact

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