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NSW investment opportunities

New South Wales (NSW) as an investment destination for safe and sustainable exploration and mining

A key priority for the NSW Government is establishing NSW as a world leader for investment in safe and sustainable exploration and mining.

The 20-Year Economic Vision for Regional NSW identifies critical minerals and high-tech metals as an emerging sector that represents a new future for the NSW mining industry. NSW has a diverse range of untapped critical minerals and high-tech metals, including some very rare deposits, and a thriving metalliferous mining industry. Combined with highly skilled workers and world-leading safety and environmental standards, NSW is well positioned to be a major exporter of responsibly sourced and value-added critical minerals and high tech-metals.

Why invest in NSW?

Critical Minerals Icon

Significant critical mineral and high-tech metal potential

NSW has significant critical minerals and high-tech metals endowment with an abundance of copper, cobalt, silver, rare earth elements, antimony, scandium and other critical minerals to meet increasing demand for current and future technologies to enable renewable energy opportunities.

Mineral Endowment Icon

Extensive mineral endowment

NSW is ranked second nationally in economic demonstrated resource endowment for copper and silver, and ranked third for cobalt, lead, nickel and zinc. Our state also has a long history of gold discoveries and mining.

NSW Underexplored Icon

NSW is largely underexplored

Only as little as 6.7% of all drilling for minerals in NSW has been at depths greater than 150 metres, which means about 80% of the state is essentially underexplored.

Geological survey icon

Well-developed geological survey programs and data

The NSW Government has a well-developed understanding of the state’s minerals potential with a wealth of pre-competitive data, and provides industry assistance during the project development phase.

ESG Credentials icon

Strong ESG credentials

Mines developed in NSW have strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials, with high environmental standards and mining regulatory governance that promotes positive long-term relationships with communities.

Renewable energy zones icon

NSW Renewable Energy Zones

Five Renewable Energy Zones will provide significant amounts of energy close to mining operations across NSW, unlocking up to 3,000 MW of new network capacity in the Central West-Orana region alone.

Strong METS sector icon

Strong METS sector

NSW has a mature METS sector, with at least 25% of Australian METS headquartered in NSW.

Skilled workforce icon

Skilled workforce

NSW has a strong workforce, with about 30,000 people employed in the mining industry, and a large pool of skilled workers in industries with transferrable skills across regional NSW.

NSW critical minerals and high-tech metals investment-ready projects

Critical minerals and high-tech metals projects map

Download the Critical minerals and high-tech metals in NSW map (PDF, 10.4 MB)


NSW Mining Investor Register

The NSW Mining Investor Register (edition 2, 2022) provides information on several non-coal mining projects in NSW that have a reported resource, have completed or are completing a scoping study (at minimum), and have commenced the approvals process to obtain a development consent and a mining lease. 

NSW Mining Investor Register Edition 2

Download the NSW Mining Investor Register (PDF, 9.32 MB) (English version)

NSW州鉱業投資投資家レジストリー  (PDF, 9.92 MB) (Translated in Japanese)

NSW 주 광업 투자자 명부 PDF, 1847.17 KB (PDF, 8.94 MB) (Translated in Korean)

Additional resources

Advanced mineral projects and exploration highlights in NSW

The NSW Geological Survey regularly updates the Advanced Mineral Projects and Exploration Highlights map (3MB PDF).

The map outlines recent exploration results released to the ASX, in the form of drilling intercepts and resource figures. These are presented along with resource figures for operating mines on the map. The information is sourced from publicly available exploration results and resource calculations published in company reports.


MinView is a web mapping application providing free access to over 100 unique and informative map layers, including critical minerals, to view, search and download a comprehensive range of geoscientific, title and investment related data.

Future of Minerals in NSW report

The Future of Minerals in NSW Report (PDF, 13.26 MB) aims to inform investors, project developers, miners and explorers of how global consumer trends and technology development will affect the supply and demand for minerals, especially high-tech and critical minerals. The report highlights minerals opportunities in NSW that could fulfil this demand.

Australian Critical Minerals Strategy

Australia’s 2022 Critical Minerals Strategy will grow Australia’s critical minerals sector, expand downstream processing and help meet future global demand.

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