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A NSW Government website

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Geological Survey of New South Wales


An overview of the complex geological history of NSW, spanning almost two billion years


An online collection of reports, publications and data about the geology, mineral and energy resources of NSW


The world’s largest mineral exploration collaboration, investigating undercover areas of NSW

Geophysical surveys

The range of geophysical surveys conducted by the Geological Survey of NSW and survey data that are available


MinView is a web map application that provides free access to view, search and download geoscientific data for NSW

New Frontiers Exploration Program

Providing support to explorers to search for deposits of metallic minerals including critical minerals and high-tech metals in NSW

Products and data

A library of geological maps, publications and research material


Geophysical surveys and interpretations, basin studies, energy resource assessments, geochronology, palaeostratigraphy, database development and 3D mapping

Drillcore libraries

The department stores drillcore from industry to help resource exploration and research

Education and tourism

Find out about geological events and tourism experiences that focus on local geology in NSW