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Mining career information pack


Are you making subject choices for years 11 and 12 or planning tertiary study?

Have you considered a career in the mining industry?

Mining companies are seeking young employees from across the state

Despite the challenges NSW has faced in recent times from drought, bushfires and COVID-19, the mining industry has been comparatively resilient. Mining companies are continuing to build strong regional workforces and seeking to employ young people who have the right skills.

There are a variety of starter jobs in the industry

There are a wide variety of starter jobs in the industry for school leavers, and for TAFE and university graduates. These range from boilermaking to geology, from human resources to finance, from engineering to communications, just to name a few….

The skills needed are changing

The skills needed in mining today and into the future are very different to the past. Today, mining is becoming more automated and there’s a growing emphasis on social and environmental sustainability over the life of a mine. This means there are exciting opportunities for university graduates in areas as varied as data analysis, software development, environmental science, geology and engineering.

A showcase of career paths and study options

This Mining Career Information Pack showcases the many and varied career paths available in the mining sector, and the diversity of study pathways to help students unlock these opportunities. It also provides links to many more excellent resources that are available online.