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The Geological Survey of NSW (GSNSW) undertakes a wide range of projects covering geological mapping, mineral systems studies, geophysical surveys and interpretations, basin studies, energy resource assessments, geochronology, palaeostratigraphy, database development and 3D mapping.

There are many New Frontiers initiative projects and ongoing activities. Read more about the major projects below

NSW Seamless geology project

This project provides a statewide compilation of best available mapping data in an internally consistent format.

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3D mapping of NSW

This project aims to generate 3D models of lithological and structural aspects of basin and orogenic provinces at scales ranging from broad to site-specific. The models have applications in land-use management, civil engineering, water resource management, waste management, mineral and energy resource exploration and research.

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Finding new groundwater supplies - western NSW

This project aims to locate alternative groundwater resources for use in times of drought. Two areas are being targeted for water resource exploration.

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AusLAMP project

The Australian Lithospheric Architecture Magnetotelluric Project (AusLAMP) aims to establish baseline deep crustal conductivity between 11 km and 100 km depth across Australia.

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Mine reuse project

The NSW Government is investigating refuse produced as a by-product of mining to see if it contains deposits of valuable critical minerals. .

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