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Exploration in the House – new data, new exploration futures

Presentations will feature highlights and results of current projects by the Geological Survey of NSW and their implications for exploration, mining, research and investment.

Exploration in the House 2024 program


8:30 am  |  Registration, tea and coffee

9:00 am  |  Welcome to Country
Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council

9:05 am  |  Introduction
Georgina Beattie, CEO, Mining, Exploration and Geoscience (MEG)

9:15 am  |  The Geological Survey of New South Wales: a year of achievement
Dr Phillip Blevin, Chief Geoscientist and Head of the Geological Survey of New South Wales (GSNSW)

9:25 am  |  Keynote: Critical minerals prospectivity mapping using generative AI
Prof Dietmar Müller, the University of Sydney

9:55 am  |  The Macquarie Arc: recycling, evolving, persisting – new geochemical and geochronological evidence
David Forster, Senior Geoscientist, GSNSW

10:10 am  |  Peralkaline volcanic-hosted critical metal resources in NSW: what they are, why they form, and how to find them
Brenainn Simpson, Senior Geoscientist Mineral Systems, GSNSW

10:25 am  |  New ways to present old data: the Cobar drillhole and atlas compilation project
Dr Chris Folkes, Senior Geoscientist, GSNSW

10:40 am  |  Morning tea

11:15 am  |  Unlocking exploration data from DIGS: Annual Report Release Policy (ARRP) Data Digitisation Project
Bronwyn Witham, Special Project Officer, Data Management & Delivery, Assessments & Systems, MEG

11:30 am  |  The Geological Survey of NSW statewide geophysics data program
Astrid Carlton, Senior Geophysicist, GSNSW

11:45 am  |  AEM in the search for minerals and water: GA’s AEM acquisition programs in the far west of NSW
Dr Alan Yusen Ley Cooper, Senior Geophysicist, Geoscience Australia

12:05 pm  |  New developments in the geology of the Canbelego region: insights from geophysics, geochronology and field mapping
Mark Eastlake, Geoscientist, GSNSW

12:20 pm  |  New constraints on the subsurface structure and geological evolution of the Cobar Basin and Hermidale Terrane
Dr Luke Mahoney, Senior Geoscientist 3D, GSNSW

12:35 pm  |  New datasets and functionality available in MinView
James Ballard, Geoscientist GIS, GSNSW

12:50 pm  |  Closing remarks
Dr Phillip Blevin, Chief Geoscientist and Head of the Geological Survey of New South Wales

1:00 pm  |  Close

Please note this program is subject to change.

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